The theme of ISPNSCON 2019 is “Restitutio ad integrum” set in the backdrop of the iconic workers statue, a symbol of tireless toil. Restitutio ad integrum is a latin term with origins in legal parlance meaning restore to original. The concept of restoration to the original state forms a major driving force of the peripheral nerve surgeon but it is often impossible necessitating innovative measures of compromise. To see function where none existed is probably the single greatest pleasure a peripheral nerve surgeon can experience. The endeavor to restore the pre-injury state is continous and often under appreciated. This aspect is represented by the depiction of the iconic worker’s statute in our logo. In this conference, we aim to celebrate all peripheral nerve surgeons in their march towards ‘Restitutio ad integrum’.

Message from President ISPNS

Dr. K. Sridhar
Dear Friends

Indian Society of peripheral nerve surgery has completed eight years since its inception and has been growing by leaps and bounds due to the tireless efforts of its executive members especially the dynamic secretary Prof. Sumit Sinha.

The founding members of the society aspired to have all inclusive development in the field of peripheral nerve surgery encompassing both the limbs and facial nerve.
In our country Plastic surgeons, Neuro surgeons and orthopedic surgeons are involved in peripheral nerve surgery, depending on their interest, expertise and demand in different parts of the country. It is not the specialty that dictates the practice but purely the interest and expertise of individual surgeon. Facial nerve surgery and surgery for brachial plexus lesions have advanced so much, that unless the surgeon keeps up to date with the pace of development, he cannot deliver quality medical care to the patient. 
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy has opened up another area of peripheral nerve surgery which needs immediate attention, as ours is the Diabetic capitol of the world.
The treatment of nerves involves prolonged periods of surgery and rehabilitation. End results are not easily predictable and we have to wait for a long time before positive results emerge. Patient’s morale must be kept high until then. Therefore Very few Plastic surgeons, neuro surgeons and orthopedic surgeons are actively involved in this work. As their respective fields offer more lucrative and economically more attractive avenues, it is only those who have a passion for this, ultimately take up the challenges posed by peripheral nerve surgery.
We must strive to make this more attractive to the next generation so that our needy patients will have treatment at the best of hands.
I am extremely happy that ISPNS is organizing the eighth annual conference at my own city under the chairmanship of two senior Plastic and Neuro surgeons, Dr R Krishnamoorthy and Prof Suresh Bapu.
I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to ISPNS Con 2019 during February, the most pleasant period of the year in Chennai.
Dr. K. Sridhar

Message from Secretary ISPNS

Dr.Sumit Sinha
Dear All

It is my immense pleasure to invite you all to the VIIth Annual meeting of the Indian Society of peripheral nerve Surgery (ISPNS), going to be held at Chennai, from 8-10th February 2019. The meeting will showcase live surgical demonstrations and didactic lecture sessions by numerous experts in the field. The ISPNS is a 200 member strong society presently and aims to spread the education and awareness in the field of peripheral nerve and brachial plexus surgery. The previous meetings have been splendid and graced with the presence of several national and international masters in the field and those of you who have attended the World Congress of Nerve surgery in New Delhi, 2016 will more than agree on this. The present meeting at Chennai is a recapitulation of this effort and I’m sure that the organisers under the leadership of President ISPNS- Dr K Sridhar, will leave no stone unturned in making this meeting a big success. I would request neurosurgeons, orthopedician, plastic surgeons and nerve surgeons to attend this knowledge fiesta in large numbers and make it a big success.

Dr.Sumit Sinha

Message from the Chairman of the organizing committee

Dear Friends,

Greetings and Good wishes for a Happy New Year 2019.

I take pleasure in extending a warm welcome and request you all to attend the ISPNS 2019 at Chennai  in Feb,2019. Greater Chennai is a metro city with varied people having a blend of traditional  and modern values in life and known for their hospitality. There are lot places of tourist attraction in around Chennai. This city has a wide connection with all modes of transport for national and international travelers. The climate is very pleasant during the month of February with long day light. This metro has many places for recreation like Malls, Multicuisine Restaurants , Theme parks, Zoo and Beach,etc.

The workshop will present various operative procedures on peripheral nerves and BPI and surgical techniques  from eminent national and international faculties. The conference is loaded with topics of present day clinical interest which will provide a forum  elaborate discussion. The third component of the conference is the exhibition with stalls from leading pharma companies associated with products essential for peripheral nerve surgery.  The organizing committee is taking all efforts to make the conference very useful and memorable.

The workshop will be conducted at the state of art Operating Rooms at SIMS HOSPITAL and relayed to the conference hall at the nearby hotel. The conference venue ,Green Park is a five star hotel situated in the center of Chennai and very close to SIMS Hospital, Vijaya Forum Mall and  Vadapalani Metro station which is again connected to airport, Central and Egnore Railway stations and Chennai Metro Bus Terminus through the Chennai Metro Rail. In order to accommodate the delegates in the conference venue itself, a very affordable residential package has been arranged.

The organizing committee takes immense pleasure in inviting you to the 8th Annual Conference of ISPNS,2019 at Chennai.


Message from the Co-Chairman of the organizing committee

Dr. KR Suresh Bapu
Peripheral Nerve surgery is a field of multiple surgical specialities and is bound to have varying developments. The forthcoming 8th annual conference of ISPNS at Chennai gives an excellent platform for all specialists in Peripheral Nerve surgery to come together and share their experience and newer concepts. Most neuro surgeons restrict their work to entrapment neuropathies and schwanommas of peripheral nerves, the exciting field of peripheral nerve injury, reconstruction and neurotisation is practised by very few neurosurgeons. The main reason for this is the lack of expertise within the teaching faculty in Neurosurgery. In fact Neurosurgeons are well equipped to manage peripheral nerve problems because of their high skills in microneurosurgery and vast knowledge in intraoperative neuromonitoring. I wish this conference captures the interest of young neurosurgeons and motivates them in the management of these challenging problems